Kent Smith directing a  commercial


They say that a dog owner generally chooses a breed that resembles his or her personality. Kent and his Jack Russell Terrier, Bentley, are cut from the same mold (granted, Kent is much taller). Jack Russell’s tend to be intelligent, fearless, and athletic dogs. These dogs have a tendency to become hyper or destructive if not properly stimulated and exercised. They can bore easily and will create their own fun when left alone to entertain themselves. Kent’s life and work mirrors this description almost to a T. Kent enters into every project with unabashed enthusiasm and integrity. His creative energy is much like the terrier, never tiring or settling for second-rate.

Smith has been a photographer for over 25 years. His career started with sports. Since then he has added diversity to his award winning resume; photographing musicians, dancers, models, celebrities and then on to national advertising. He has shot the likes of Obama and Bono; been from Belize to the Bahamas; photographed banks and bulls but mostly, he has captured that genuine human spirit that is often overlooked by the ordinary.

Recently he has made the transition from still photography to film. He just completed his first full feature film as a creator, co-writer, co-producer and, recently awarded, Best Co-Director on the film.

Kent makes his home in Charlotte NC. Fortunately he has little down time so destruction is usually limited. He plays tennis, mountain bikes and kayaks. That generally keeps boredom and to a minimum. His Jack Russell, Bentley, is a perfect compliment to, and example of his passion and spirit that makes him the artist he has become.

Local 600 Photographer

Local 600 Photographer