Luke Keuchly for Pepsi

All for Panthers Nation

Working with celebrities is always a fun gig. Everyone is excited to see the person show up on set, and this one was like none other. Working with celebrities has been something that has been my forte over the years, and this one was no exception. This photo shoot was with 4 time Pro Bowler and 2 time Butkus Award winner Luke Kuechly.

Pepsi was looking to created an advertising piece with Tracy Locke advertising agency that would bring things together for them in a new way for the season. Luke Keuchly was the man, and we had all the pieces in place to make it perfect for the ad while shooting it on a Hasselblad medium format with a phase one back. With a limited time with Luke and Coach Ron Rivera, we had to create something that would go on many different forms including print, ads, and billboards. When you get to work with an exception crew and an wonderful creative advertising agencies like Tracy Locke,, you can always expect the results to be on top.