Dwight Howard

Finding SuperMan

Everyone loves their favorite teams; It's extraordinary that I have been privileged enough to work with my favorite ones over the years. Then when you get to work with one of your favorite players, it makes it even more special. That was the case when we I was contacted about doing a promo piece for the Charlotte Hornets for Lendingtree, and they told me the players that we would be shooting.

Going back to my days of covering All-Star games for the NBA, I have been a huge fan of Dwight Howard. I have always based pro athletes by the way they handle themselves around kids. Dwight is one of those rare people that is downright amazing with kids. He has a pure heart that makes everyone light up when he walks into a room, and if that doesn't do it, then the 6'11' 265-pound massive frame will do it for you (ladies).

The Hornets were about to announce a new multi-year founding level partnership highlighted by jersey patch with Lendingtree. We had a short amount of time with each player since they had just returned from an eight-day trip on the road, so we had to make it quick and to the point. Howard was not the only ones coming to the shoot, we had Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller, and one of the best point guards in the NBA Kemba Walker too.

Next up was Dwight, I can say that he brings a smile to everyone when he shows up. He instantly starts to market the jersey and the new Leadingtree logo. Before we knew it, the shoot was over, and the art director was super happy with all of the images. It was instantly downloaded and off to the press ready to go for the adds that would follow along with the press conference video. So when you see Dwight Howard at the next game, I would make sure to yell his name...he has been known to look you dead in the eye, and smile.

Lendingtree ad with Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets

Lending Tree Ad for the Charlotte Hornets