Making it Right

When you are a photographer, you can have all kinds of request for photo shoots. Some of them are exciting, and some just get to the point type of shoots, but for me, I have found that you shouldn't do a shoot unless you are committed to the shoot.

When you get a call to create the cover image of a major magazine, it always gets your attention, and this was one that will reach into my backyard. American Banker was looking to create an image that was business like, but also beautiful. The cover shot had to be simple, but able to have a place for lots of text. Bank of America Executive Michelle Moore was the recipient of the highest award, and she was named the Digital Banker of the Year by the magazine.

It was our goal to capture something that would look appealing for the magazine, but also show her personality, and also her strength as woman banker. Well, it helps when you a beautiful person, and someone who was willing to take direction, but also show here style on the shoot. The hardest part for the art director was choosing the right images from all the different selections that we shot that day. We are so lucky to have been a part of this great project with the talented crew at American Banker.


Michelle Moore

Digital Banker of the Year for American Banker